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Fractional General Counsel 

We aim to be an invaluable strategic partner to your business. Our Fractional General Counsel Services are designed to help you navigate the complexities of legal matters while focusing on your core operations. With transparent pricing and a range of service offerings, we ensure that legal support is both affordable and tailored to your needs.


A Fractional General Counsel (Fractional GC) is a legal professional who provides specialized, ongoing legal services to a company on a part-time or as-needed basis. Unlike a full-time, in-house general counsel, a Fractional GC offers the flexibility to scale the level of service based on your business needs, making it a cost-effective alternative without compromising on expertise.


Eliminate the overhead costs associated with a full-time in-house legal team.

Expertise on Demand

Access to high-caliber legal expertise precisely when you need it.

Strategic Advantage

Leverage legal insights to make informed business decisions, mitigating risks
proactively rather than reactively


Operational Flexibility

Customize the level of service according to your specific business requirements.

Predictable Billing

Benefit from transparent monthly flat fees, ensuring fiscal predictability.

No Hidden Costs

Receive timely notifications if approaching package limits, thus avoiding unexpected

Standard Scope of Services

Tired packages and customized plans to fit your specific needs. Billed at the discounted plan rate. Click to get in touch and get a quote.

Contract Management

Preparation, review, and negotiation of commercial contracts.

Corporate Governance

Attendance at shareholder, board, and management meetings.

Risk Management

Proactive legal risk assessment and management.

Day-to-Day Legal Advice

General and industry-specific legal counseling.

Regulatory Compliance

Assistance with SEC filings, and routine regulatory filings.

Outside Counsel Liaison

Facilitation and management of third-party legal relationships.

"Forward Thinking Legal specializes in and focuses on serving startups and entrepreneurs. When you first start, they will aid you in designing your company’s structure and preparing you for the early phases of corporate management and compliance… tailored to your company's needs..."
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